CALGARY -- Five mobile skateparks will continue to be used in Calgary after the city was able to find separate non-profit organizations to take them over.

Academy Skateboard Collective, Cranston Homeowners Association, Livingston Homeowners Association, Mahogany Homeowners Association and United Youth Outreach — a partnership with The Inside and Cousins Skateboard Community — were announced Tuesday as the successful buyers.

"It was very important to us that that the new owners were willing and able to use the equipment for wheeled sport opportunities," said Stephanie Won, a business and policy planner with the city.

"We’re looking forward to these five non-profit organizations providing affordable and accessible skateboarding, cycling, inline skating and scootering opportunities within their communities."

 The five mobile skateparks were listed for sale in October with the goal that they "provide programs with social and accessibility benefits in Calgary or within a 20-minute drive from city limits."

Each mobile skatepark contains:

  • Two trailers (for storage and transportation);
  • Half-pipe (with two decks);
  • Quarter-pipe (with one deck);
  • Pyramid;
  • Two round rails;
  • Square rail;
  • Uprail;
  • Two manual pads;
  • Wall ride;
  • Ledge;
  • Hubba ledge;
  • A-Frame;
  • Spine, and;
  • Bank.

"We’re so excited about the potential and future of this ’skatepark-on-wheels’ and what it will mean in reaching new youth and kids in our surrounding communities; youth who have never had access to a skatepark facility before," said Zach Creighton, program director of The Inside, which is part of United Youth Outreach.

"It’s seriously a dream come true. Thank you to The City of Calgary for an amazing opportunity."