Peace officers will be out in the parks and on the pathways during the month of May to educate Calgarians about bylaws and best practices.

“We’re looking to hand out free goodies to the public and just remind people of the pathway safety and what is expected while out in the parks and on the pathway system,” said Sgt. Fausto Ricioppo, Calgary Community Standards officer.

The goodies include bike reflectors, bells, keychains, pins, pens and pet waste bags and officers will distribute them to people who are following the rules.

“So we’re handing out bike reflectors for night time riding, if you ride at night time we want you to be seen in the dark. We’re also handing out bike bells, under the bylaw you need to be known while on the pathway, whether it’s through audible tone or through a bike bell,” said Ricioppo, “One thing is under the bylaw you need to pick up after your dog so we’ll be watching for that as well.”

Bylaw officers can issue tickets to citizens for a range of violations.

“There’s gaming and liquor violations for consumption of open liquor, not picking up after your pet. There’s violations for speeding on a pathway and aggressive cyclists. As well as, within a park, encampment calls where people are camping in a park,” Ricioppo said.

For more information on bylaws related to parks and pathways, click HERE.