CALGARY -- While many golf tours have cancelled or postponed events because of the coronavirus they continue to tee it up on the Outlaw Tour.

This week they were in Gilbert, Arizona, for the Western Skies Classic, hosted by the Western Skies Gold Club.

The final round of the three-day event was on Thursday and it was a day to remember for Calgarian Jared Du Toit.

Coming down 18, the 24-year-old was in position to shoot the magical 59 on the par-70 course.

“I was a little nervous on 18. I only needed only one birdie I was like, 'Shoot I’m right there.' I ended up making the birdie on 18 and I was like, 'Wow that was a 59.'"

The funny thing was Du Toit and his playing partner, Brandon Harkins from the United States, were both gunning for the for the magical number.

“It was a cool vibe because, I mean, it was basically me and the other guy in my group going toe-to-toe all day. Obviously I was fortunate to get him and post that number.”

Harkins ended up shooting a 10 under 60. Not a lot of golfers are able to hit 59. But for Du Toit, it comes with mixed feelings.

“I don’t know. You know with this virus and kind of everything going around. You know a lot of my friends and my girlfriend left today because everyone is freaking out so it’s just like a super weird time,” he told CTV News over the phone.

"Everyone is kind of uncertain and everything but I’m sure in a couple of weeks' time or a couple of months' time, I’ll look back and say, 'Yeah I did that and I’ll be very happy and enjoy it a little more.'”

Believe it or not, the 59 wasn’t enough for Du Toit to win the tournament. It got him into a playoff, where he lost out to Canadian Wil Bateman.

Looking back, Du Toit feels it was three bogeys in the second round that did him in.

“You know it’s the kind of golf course where if you’re hitting it okay you really shouldn’t make too many bogeys. You know that kind of took me out of it a little bit. But I guess the 59 kind of threw me right back into it. It was fun to get back in the mix and have a shot after being five or six back or whatever it was after day two."

Du Toit plans on putting the clubs away for a while as he needs to get back to Canada. He says he’ll be making the long journey back by car on Saturday.

I’m sure that will give him plenty of time to reminisce about his magical 59.