The city is in the midst of a cold snap and people are pulling out the heavy winter wear to stay warm and reduce the risk of exposure.

The temperature dipped below the -20 mark and that made for a miserable morning for those who work outside.

Frigid temperatures combined with a brisk wind are creating extremely cold conditions and with the wind, it feels like -45 in some areas.

Emergency officials say frostbite can set in quite quickly when the wind chill drops below -28.

Frostbite can be easily detected by a tingling sensation in your extremities and a white, waxy covering on your hands, face, and nose.

Exposed skin can freeze within just ten minutes and there is also a high risk of hypothermia.

Officials are advinsing people who work outdoors to wear layers, cover any exposed skin and limit the amount of time out in the cold.

They also say people should try to stay as dry as possible because wet gear will make you colder

Canada Olympic Park continues to be closed on Thursday and officials say they will assess the weather again on Friday to see if it is safe to open the facility.

Temperatures look to be 10 degrees warmer for the weekend. (-16 Saturday, -14 Sunday).

(With files from Kelsey McEwen)