Calgarians gathered across the city on Tuesday night, watching the U.S. Election and Obama’s victory in the polls.

There are more Americans living in Calgary per capita than any other Canadian city.

Many huddled together in the city in a number of viewing parties held at restaurants and bars.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada and the U.S. Consulate held a party at the Ox and Angela on the Red Mile.

Others gathered at the Blind Monk in the Beltline.

Wherever they were, the attendees say that it wasn’t primarily to watch who won, but they just wanted to be with fellow Americans.

“I just want to be with other Americans excited about it and celebrate it,” said one woman.

Obama pulled ahead late after Romney was ahead in Electoral College votes for much of the night. Romney also had a slight edge in the popular vote, but even that lead eventually slipped away and Obama led by nearly a million votes.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered his congratulations to Obama on behalf of Canadians, releasing the following statement:

“I look forward to working with the Obama administration over the next four years to continue finding ways to increase trade and investment flows between our countries.”

Celebrations for Obama’s victory extended all over the globe; from Kenya – where Obama’s father was born – to Europe, where Americans watched the results come in from France, Italy, and Germany.

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