The Angus Reid life satisfaction poll checked on the happiness of Canadians from coast to coast, and Albertans aren’t doing so well.

The poll found that 63 percent of Canadians say they are pretty happy with their lives.

The determinants of happiness are pretty simple, according to experts.

“Sometimes weather, sometimes job challenges and opportunities, and generally a downward spiral in the economy can have an effect on somebody’s wellbeing,” said Kita Szpak, author and happiness researcher.

That seems to be the case in Alberta. Here is how happiness breaks down from province to province:



British Columbia










Atlantic Canada


The happiest Canadians overall are older people, followed by single people, people with families and low income people.

A few Calgarians we talked to were holding on to a sunny outlook.

“Calgary is a great place to be, I think. Lucky to be employed and it’s a beautiful city, and I’m a happy camper,” said one.

“Probably people are not happy because lots of people are not working and maybe they are worried about friends and family, but I think overall we are pretty happy people,” said another.

The mayor says Calgarians who are feeling down need to keep the current tough times in perspective.

“Our unemployment rate has skyrocketed all the way to the national average,” he said. “We continue to have an incredibly resilient and vibrant economy, we continue to have great things going on here, we are celebrating the year of music, work in arts and culture and sport in this community continue apace, and most importantly we continue to look after each other.”

So how do you be happy if you are facing tough times?

“Being thankful is a big one, and you know what? Smiling releases endorphins, and if you want an immediate hit of wellbeing, put a smile on your face,” said Szpak.

You can find out more about the poll and what it discovered here.