CALGARY -- If there's one theme for the start of the new decade, it's restraint.

The cost of most daily items is going up in 2020, and for Calgarians some of those fee increases are already in effect.


Transportation costs will likely be the biggest hit to household budgets.

The obvious increase is the federal carbon tax, which kicked in Jan. 1. That levy means you'll now be paying more at the pumps, however, just how much more varies from station to station.

On Wednesday, some stations were selling gas for 10 cents more, even though the carbon tax is only a four-cent increase.

Another hit to drivers will come from car insurance. The province has lifted the five per cent cap on rate increases and some insurers have already warned customers to prepare for a 15 per cent hike.

If you plan to cut costs by taking transit, those prices have also increased. In Calgary, it's now $3.50 a ticket for adults — up from $3.40 last year — and monthly passes have gone up by $3.00 to $109 . More information on transit fare changes can be found on their website.


Another thing taking a bite out of the bottom line for Calgarians is the property rate tax increase — it’s going up by 1.5 per cent for homeowners. For a median-priced home, that’s about $150 more.


When it comes to fun, residents can expect a different price for recreation centres now that the city has re-organized passes and drop-in admissions.

If you’re heading out of town, prepare to pay more for a visit to national parks as the cost of a park pass has gone up 2.2 per cent.