Cecilia Lee, a national champion, trains and coaches in Calgary at Word Class Chan Lee Taekwondo School.

23-year-old Cecilia Lee has been competing in the sport since the age of four. Under the guidance of her father and coach, Master Chanwoo Lee, Cecilia has achieved the ranking of 5th Dan Black Belt.

Recently, Cecilia became the only Albertan to make the national team and represent Canada at this month’s World Championships in Mexico.

“I've been competing for five years and been second place since 2008 and finally this year when I thought it would be my last opportunity I made the national,” says Cecilia.  “So it’s a very honorable moment for my family and it’s a great achievement.”

“It’s like I finally did it right, so I'm really happy.”

Angelo Lee, himself a two time Junior National Champion, says Cecilia’s success is the result of hard work.

“I'm very proud that she kept fighting and pushing and training hard,” says Angelo.  “She made a lot of sacrifices so this is a big time moment for her.”

Cecilia believes this is just the beginning.  Taekwondo has many upcoming elite tournaments including the 2015 Pan Am Games to be held in Canada and the Rio Olympic games.

Her success is inspiring to her teammates and the students who train at the family business

“I know by me doing this they get a lot of encouragement, says Cecilia.  “So I hope to bring it more and do well in some big tournaments.”  

Cecilia Lee is the CTV Athlete of the Week sponsored by Big Chief Beef Jerky.

With files from Lisa Bowes