While mathematicians and engineers are gathering to celebrate March 14, better known as Pi Day, workers at one Calgary bake shop have been working around the clock to fill special pie orders for the event that has become a huge phenomenon.

Nancy Goemans, founder and partner of Pie Junkie, says that her staff created thousands of pies for different clients throughout Calgary, including many that have been adorned with the Pi symbol, for Wednesday.

She says four years ago, she had no idea about the existence of Pi Day but now it’s a global event that is getting stronger and stronger.

“Each year, it gets busier and busier. I think more and more people are becoming aware too. Four years ago, I knew nothing about Pi Day. Now I remember it. I think more and more people are embracing it and there are more and more math geeks and more and more people celebrating math.”

March 14 is associated with the mathematical constant Pi because 3.14 are the first digits representing the symbol, most often used to calculate the area of a circle and circumference.

Goemans says that the event has now become a big day for her store.

“Everything we make on Pi Day has a Pi symbol. Every cherry pie, every cream pie, everything is Pi-ed out for it and it’s a busy day for us.”

She says that there are a lot of special orders sent in to Pie Junkie from all sorts of different companies to supply clients with some tasty treats.

“Mortgage brokers, math teachers, we have an engineering company that’s also doing pies; I think they’re called Pi Engineering. Both stores are rocking to make sure all our special orders are done.”

Goemans says that the day became so big that she needed to have some special cutters made with a 3D printer to make the perfect Pi symbols to use on pies.

“We worked with a group here in Calgary and had three Pi cutters made for all of our pies. The mini pies we do will have small Pi symbols; big pies have bigger ones and so on.”

Other than indulging in sweet and savoury pastries, Pi Day is also used as a day to celebrate math and mathematical concepts.