The beginning of 2013 saw Calgarians basking in the mild conditions but the warm weather will soon be nothing more than a memory.

Starting Thursday, the temperature will begin to drop and the mercury will continue to plummet into next week.

Those who work outside, including bike couriers, are bracing for the cold temperatures.  Courier Mark McConnell has set out additional gear for battling the frigid conditions.

“Especially when you're riding in the wind you start to tear up,” says McConnell. “Tears start freezing in your face and in your mustache.  Ski goggles and balaclavas all really help."

Calgary’s homeless find themselves at the mercy of the cold.  The Mustard Seed offers shelter from the storm for the city’s downtrodden.  Representatives from the organization say demand for the shelter is currently high and the return of the cold will further increase demand.

"It has been at capacity for quite a while, we’ve just been squeaking through,” says Marlow Ramsay of the Mustard Seed.  “I'm hoping cold weather doesn't push us over the top.”

EMS officials are reminding everyone to be prepared for the freezing temperatures.   They recommend the covering of all exposed skin when spending any amount of time outside.  During cold snaps in Calgary, EMS responds to a number of calls related to frostbite and hypothermia.