A group of Calgary students and doctors are pressing the provincial and federal governments for stricter regulations for vaping and e-cigarettes.

The group gathered on Tuesday and some of the students say recently proposed vaping restrictions don't go far enough.

They agree with Health Canada's idea to limit where e-cigarettes could be advertised and to make companies include prominent health warnings but think the agency should also restrict flavours as many are attractive to kids.

The students and physicians worry about nicotine addiction and how it affects a developing brain.

Doctors worry the method responsible for helping adults quit smoking will actually lead kids to take up the habit because it's cheaper and surveys have shown they're more likely to try it after vaping.

Students say vaping is becoming increasingly popular and that youth vaping is a growing concern that deserves urgent action.

“This can lead to a lot of problems affecting children's education and the amount of money they're spending on this, not to mention the health problems, of course,” said Cenxiao Li, U of C student.

“The real concern is that it's a gateway to tobacco and we know without a doubt that tobacco is going to damage lungs, it’s going to impair the ability of lungs to fight infection,” said Dr. Eddy Lang.

The group also recommended that vaping products be sold behind a counter by a health professional without attractive packaging and with all of the ingredients clearly labelled.