CALGARY -- A city councillor has issued an apology after receiving backlash over a controversial comment suggestively linked to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The incident happened late Monday night in council chambers when Ward 6 Coun. Jeff Davison addressed Calgary businessman Jim Gray during the Green Line LRT alignment debate. 

Gray is one of the men behind an ad hoc group questioning the Green Line project. 

Davison thanked Gray for his work but also apologized for all of the "nasty" things people have been saying about him on social media. 

"I want to let you know that at a time when we are currently in this city standing up for freedom of speech for all and the human rights violations that are happening, I find it completely hypocritical that some of my colleagues would say things in social media and in the media that reflect your character, while they stand to say, 'but I stand for human rights'," Davison said. 

"So I’m appalled by some of the actions and the comments by some of my council colleagues and I just want to let you know, I do not feel that way. We may agree on some things, we may disagree on some things, but I want you to know we respect you and thank you for your time spent on this file."

The comment immediately struck a nerve on Twitter with several people objecting to Davison’s remarks. 

The Ward 6 councillor issued an apology on Twitter Tuesday morning.