Physical therapy is a crucial element to a healthy recovery and a local clinic is providing remedial exercise for ailing and injured pets.

The Canine Fitness Centre in southeast Calgary has upwards of 2000 clients, all of the four legged variety.

It is Cleo’s tenth trip to the underwater treadmill and even though she's not much of a water dog, the therapy is helping.

“She started to go paralyzed and we had to do emergency back surgery with her which was successful,” said Janet Naclia, Cleo’s owner.

Cleo needs to be encouraged with treats to make sure she keeps up the pace for her 20 minute workout.

“If she hadn't been coming for underwater treadmill therapy she may not be walking like this at all, she'd be much delayed in her recovery,” said Paula Collins, Therapist.

The facility is Canada's only stand alone canine rehab facility and has been in business for nine years.

Shock was only seven-months-old when his owners noticed he was having difficulty walking.

“We don't know exactly what happened, but they think he jumped off a deck and landed funny,” said Haley & Schyler Henschel.

Shock damaged the tendon in his knee and needed surgery. He has been in therapy for the last eight weeks.

“You have to be a much better diagnostician, better with your hands and what you can do and feel, your thought processing, your deductive reasoning, all of that has to be a little bit more when you're dealing with a patient that can't verbalize,” said Laurie Edge-Hughes, Therapist.

For more information, visit the Canine Fitness Centre website.