CALGARY -- After a dissatisfying experience with the world of online dating, Campbell Cameron and his future business partners figured there had to be another way.

"It's a bit superficial, you get a few images that you choose from to see if you want to go on a first date," Cameron says. "And the first date just kind of turns into an interview."

That's when they came up with the idea of helping singles recognize each other in public, and encouraging them to break the ice.

They came up with a line of hats and toques that read some version of: Nice Hat (yo solo).

“You know you’re out for a hike doing something that you like to do and you come across another single person,” Cameron says. “That gives you an opportunity to strike up a conversation and provides an icebreaker.”

The company is only selling online at but orders keep coming in — and Cameron says he’s hoping to start hearing stories about successful connections.

In a roundabout way, the idea worked for him: Cameron met his girlfriend last summer through work related to the company’s start-up.