A local cleaning company is joining forces with a nonprofit organization to help cancer patients stay on top of their housework.

Marriage Savers is partnering with Cleaning For A Reason to take the stress of domestic chores off the shoulders of those people who are battling and recovering from cancer.

Once a month, house cleaner Gloria Juarez goes off the clock and spends an afternoon working for free for the cause.

Juarez came to Calgary from Argentina 11 years ago and started her own company the Marriage Savers in 2007.

Her business grew quickly and she was soon looking for a way to give back to her community.

That desire sparked a relationship with Cleaning For A Reason, which is a foundation that offers professional house cleaning to cancer patients.

Colinda Sue MacPherson is on the receiving end of the program and just finished her latest round of chemotherapy.

“I was excited, overwhelmed someone would do such a service,” said MacPherson.

MacPherson is a mom and sometimes her treatments make her so tired she can barely make it off the couch.

“I feel so touched by her. Like, I don’t have personally friends or people who are with cancer but I feel like this is a good thing to do,” said Juarez. “I feel really, really good doing this.”

Juarez and her two assistants will clean the home from top to bottom and are making life a little easier for people who are working through the disease.

For more information, visit the Marriage Savers website.

(With files from Bill Marks)