A company that aims to help out the Children’s Wish Foundation dole out special experiences for children fighting serious medical issues held a special event with some past recipients on Saturday.

It’s the second year that the C & C Candle Company has brought in past wish participants to help them create some personalized bath bombs that are sold with the proceeds going to help the Children’s Wish Foundation.

CEO Bridget Calvank says it’s a fun event for both them and the kids.

“We rather enjoyed it. We got the fun of teaching the kids and it’s the same group of kids this year so it’s kind of neat.”

The bath bombs, all created by the kids, are quite diverse in their makeup.

“We brought them just over 40 scents. We wanted to go from fruity, champagne to just about everything under the sun. The only one we didn’t bring was bacon and one of the kids wanted it.”

They are sold every day, leading up to Christmas and all the money raised will go towards helping grant more wishes for sick kids.

“It takes $10,000 to make the average wish happen. Our goal last year was to hit $10,000.”

The group came up short last year, but they hope to turn things around now.

“I would love nothing more than to give away a wish.”

Packages of four bath bombs range in price from $12 to $20 each.

To find out more information about the company and the work it does to help out Children’s Wish, go to their website.