CALGARY -- The pandemic has many people making their homes as comfortable as possible but one woman’s patio addition has caused a dispute and her family is now urging her condo board to reconsider its stance.

Brenda O’Reilly is cognitively impaired due to a severe brain injury and since the 67-year-old is a high-risk for COVID-19 her patio has become her only escape.

Her daughter added a leafy lattice to the patio but the condo board at Cranston Ridge said it’s not allowed and will result in a fine.

“I just wish they would have a heart and consider the fact that my mom is a brain damaged senior citizen that just wants a safe place to rest,” said Amanda O’Reilly.

She said the lattice is not just a decoration but device to help her mother’s health.

“When she is overstimulated she becomes uncontrollably agitated and so this little piece of screen helps block out the parking lot and the sidewalk and helps her feel some comfort,” she said.

She provided CTV two medical notes explaining her mom’s condition and recommending the patio addition “be allowed to stay for her medical well-being.”

O’Reilly said she also offered them to the condo board.

The building’s management company, First Service, handled the communication and said in a letter obtained by CTV that the condo board made the decision based on a bylaw. The condo owner renting to O’Reilly also urged the condo board to reconsider.

“Your first fine is $500, your next fine is $1,000 if she doesn’t move it right away. Woah. Like, that’s ridiculous,” said Sami Hamzeh.

He said his suggestions for a compromise were not accepted.

“I offered up to buy a big silk tree for her instead and stuff,” said Hamzeh.

The condo board’s lawyer told CTV it remains open to other possibilities, that this lattice won’t be approved and the tenant appears unwilling to compromise.

The lawyer added the board is “sympathetic” to the tenant but said she did not ask permission and the board “cannot grant her a special privilege that isn’t then given to” everyone else who lives there.