CALGARY -- The Calgary Fire Department is warning of a risk associated with Crisis-Grade Hand Sanitizer Refills, which are packaged in aluminum cans and are produced by some local breweries and distilleries.

According to CFD, the cans were distributed by a variety of businesses and pose a significant fire risk.

The products contain “COVID response emergency hand sanitizer” produced using ethanol and sold in aluminum cans, similar to those containing craft beer.

Fire department officials say the product has been reported to react with the container, resulting in deterioration and causing a release through the bottom and sides.

If the sanitizer leaks out of the container and comes into contact with an ignition source, it could result in a fire.

Crisis-Grade Hand Sanitizer

CFD is encouraging anyone who has this type of sanitizer to inspect the container for leaks and clean any product that may have leaked out with soap and water.

If the container has developed a leak, it is possible that some of the alcohol may have evaporated which can reduce the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer.

Officials say the product should then be sealed in a spill-proof container, labelled and taken to any City of Calgary household hazardous waste drop-off location.

The local manufacturer has been notified and the product has been recalled.

For more information on the proper disposal of chemicals, visit the city's website.