Crews have now begun evacuating nearby businesses close to the site of a garbage fire that has been smouldering in the southeast for a week.

Crews say that, due to changing weather conditions, smoke from the fire is lying closer to the ground and causing problems for some people working in the areas along Ogden Rd.

Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation and Alberta Distillers have been closed temporarily.

In addition to the businesses, Ogden Rd. in both directions between Bonnybrook Rd. and 15A St. S.E. as well as Highfield Blvd. between Ogden Rd. and 42 Ave. S.E. have both been closed.

These closures remain in effect until further notice.

No homes have been forced to evacuate.

Two transit routes have been detoured to avoid the worst of the smoke and to accomodate for the road closures.

Transit routes 24 and 302 have been detoured:


  • South on Blackfoot Tr.
  • East on 46 Ave. S.E.
  • North on 15 Street S.E.
  • East on 42 Ave. S.E.
  • North on 16 Street S.E.
  • East on Ogden Rd S.E. regular route.


  • From Ogden Rd go South on 16 Street S.E.
  • West on 42 Ave. S.E.
  • South on 15 Street S.E.
  • West on 46 Ave. S.E.
  • North on Blackfoot Tr. S.E. to regular route.

Officials with the fire department believe that the fire originally broken out when scrap material, including car parts and rubber, may have spontaneously combusted.

The fire is burning in a pit the size of a skating rink, buried deep underneath the rubbish.

Officials enacted the municipal emergency plan on Sunday night and have been monitoring air quality ever since.

Calgary Metal Recycling, which owns the property where the fire is smouldering, has hired a private company of firefighters who specialize in fighting oil patch fires.

Calgary fire remains on scene to monitor activity.

The Fire Department, Alberta Environment, and Alberta Health Services have been monitoring air quality in the area.

No health warning has been issued in connection with the fire.