The publisher of some of Canada’s largest daily newspapers is selling off two properties in Alberta and B.C. that will result in layoffs in Calgary.

Postmedia is selling off the Calgary Herald building in an attempt to reduce costs and pay down debt.

The company is also selling a printing plant in Surrey, B.C.

The newspaper will also no longer be doing any printing in house – it will be outsourcing the job to Transcontinental Printing.

The company is located in Calgary.

The decision will cost 62 jobs at the office, mainly in the production area.

The change is expected to be made in November, which will give those who've been given notice some time to consider their options.

The newspaper says that the change will provide more benefit for Herald readers who will be able to enjoy more colour in the publication as well as a reduction in size.

A photographer with the Herald told CTV News that, so far, the newsroom has not been affected.

Once the building is sold, all the employees with the Calgary Herald will be moved to a new location.

There is no information on where that would be.