A Calgary woman who tried to frame her ex-boyfriend by claiming he was an abuser, a stalker and even an arsonist is now behind bars.

The case stems from a house fire in northwest Calgary more than two years ago.

In July 2011, there was a fire at Jessica Rogers’ home which also damaged the adjacent homes on either side.

After the fire, Rogers made some serious allegations against her ex-boyfriend, Larry Tremblant.

Rogers claimed Tremblant set the fire.

At one point, he was arrested and falsely charged and police took it so seriously, that Rogers was being monitored by the domestic violence team.

It turns out she orchestrated the whole thing after she and Tremblant broke up.

She used applications called “Fake-A-Text” and “Fake-A-Call” to fake threatening emails, phone calls and texts to herself and her mother and then showed those to police to back up her story.

She pleaded guilty to multiple counts of public mischief.

On Friday, Jessica Rogers was sentenced to 20 months in jail for the elaborate lengths she went to in order to frame Larry Tremblant.

She used up a lot of resources with her elaborate scheme and the judge says jail time must be served.

(With files from Elissa Carpenter)