Calgary may step in and save a dog on death row in Toronto.

Members of the Daisy Foundation, a local animal rights group, gathered outside city hall Friday, rallying to save Ginger's life.

The pit bull mix was involved in a dogfight in November 2005, in which the owner of the other dog was bitten. But it was never determined which dog was responsible.

Still, under Ontario's anti pit bull law, Ginger's fate was predetermined and the Ontario Supreme Court has upheld the original order to have the dog put down.

Bill Bruce with animal and bylaw services has offered to bring the dog to Calgary.

He says he's confident the dog would pass behaviour tests and would be successfully placed in a Calgary home.

He added that bringing the dog here would not cost taxpayers a thing.

At this point the city is waiting to find out if authorities in Ontario will take him up on his offer.