CALGARY -- A Calgary woman faces a charge of aggravated assault in connection with the injuries her twins suffered in 2018.

According to police officials, the 11-month-old girl was brought to Alberta Children's Hospital on March 13, 2018 for treatment of a broken arm. Doctors notified police after the mother's explanation for the injury was inconsistent with the physical nature.

An investigation determined the injured girl has a twin brother and a medical assessment of the boy revealed he had suffered a fractured right ankle as well as multiple skull fractures.

On Feb. 20 the mother was charged with aggravated assault in connection with her daughter's broken arm. No charges have been laid in connection with the boy's injuries but the investigation into the matter continues.

The identity of the accused has not been released in order to protect the identities of her children who share her surname.

Police believe the mother was the lone caregiver of the girl at the time of the arm break and, according to police, the accused has not provided a plausible explanation for her children's injuries.

Det. Amy Spence of the CPS child abuse unit says the fact a charge was not laid until nearly two years after the girl's arm was broken was due to the complexity of the investigation.

"This investigation, in particular, is involved with interviewing multiple witnesses," said Spence. "These cases become complex medically so there's numerous medical records that need to be obtained and reviewed before we get to a point of charging."

Anyone who has information regarding the matter is asked to contact the Calgary Police Service at 403-266-1234 or anonymous tips may be submitted to Crime Stoppers

With files from CTV's Mark Villani