CALGARY -- Australia any be half a world away, but at a northeast Calgary bar on Sunday, the impact the devastating bushfires have had on that country were top of mind.

Alongside a 50/50 draw and silent auction, 14 bands and artists took the stage with the proceeds going to Adelaide Koala Rescue.

"It’s a truly horrible, horrible thing that’s taken place and I just wanted to do whatever I could, and whatever we could, to help out," said Julian Austin, who organized the event and performed.

Australia's bushfires claimed the lives of 33 people, burned more than 10 million hectares and destroyed at least 2,500 homes and buildings.

It’s estimated about a billion animals perished in the flames.

"We feel we were given a God-given talent and when there’s a natural disaster and there’s a cause, this is our way of being able to give back," said musician Mark Lorenz.

Organizers of the event at Top Brass Restaurant and Lounge hope to raise at least $10,000.