After a third snow route parking ban was called in 2018, the city says they still handed out over a thousand tickets and it’s left some officials wondering if ticketing is the right response for those who refuse to abide by the rules.

The city called a snow route parking ban at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday and by the time it was over, crews had handed out approximately 1,750 tickets to offenders.

Al Willey was one of the unfortunate ones and says that he thought the ban started Monday instead of Sunday.

“I went out to move my car on Monday and I was already ticketed,” he says.

The fine associated with the ticket is $75, but that price drops depending on when the violator comes forward to pay it.

However, some city councillors, like Diane Colley-Urquhart say it isn’t enough of a deterrent, especially considering that over 6,000 tickets have been issued over three separate parking bans this year.

Sean Chu, councillor for Ward 4, agrees with her sentiment.

“If we say something we're going to do, we have to follow through. And that's the very important part and it doesn't matter what, it's an enforcement issue. We have to start towing vehicles, I have no problem if people complain 'oh, my vehicle got towed' well, so sad, too bad.”

Willey says that he is disappointed that he was given a fine for not moving his vehicle and instead says the city should have done more to communicate when a ban is coming.

As for increasing the punishments, some suggest that the city should just tow all the vehicles in plowing routes when a ban is called until people finally get the message.

However, the Calgary Parking Authority says that it’s often a lot bigger of an issue to bring in a tow truck to move a vehicle instead of just plowing around it.

That doesn’t mean the agency is playing nice and avoiding towing vehicles altogether. During this week’s ban, 19 vehicles were marked for towing and the owners were given time to remove their cars.

In the end, 15 cars were towed at their owners’ expense.

(With files from Chris Epp)