Council passed a new smoking ban on Monday night, which is aimed at encouraging smokers to butt out in outdoor areas where children are present.

The new rules won’t be coming into effect until Thursday and will prevent anyone from smoking near playgrounds, soccer fields, and other kid-friendly areas.

Those who violate the bylaw will face a $100 fine.

Bylaw officers are expected to offer a grace period so they can educate Calgarians about the new rule before they hand out any tickets though.

Councillor Andre Chabot, who himself reportedly started smoking at a very young age, proposed the bylaw in late 2012.

He said at the beginning of June that there are expected to be challenges to enforcing the ban, but he hopes that people will comply with the rule because they know that violating it is wrong.

Chabot hopes people will want to set a good example for young people.

Smoking is already banned in Olympic Plaza and on LRT platforms.

Edmonton enacted a similar bylaw in April 2012.