CALGARY -- Calgary Public Library’s downtown location have made some new feathered friends, as a pair of geese have become familiar with people.

“In recent weeks, we’ve seen the one goose coming around, our staff take photos and love to share updates, so it’s kind of their home turf I guess,” said director of communications Mary Kapusta.

Kapusta says staff have taken to documenting the activities of the birds when they come to visit.

“We do notice that the one goose likes to take naps at our window sill,” she said.

“Our staff like to say ‘Hi,’ so I feel it may be a comfortable situation.”

She believes the geese continually visit the area because there may be a nest in the area.

But although they are fairly familiar with people, Kapusta recommends not cozying up too much.

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“Don’t feed the geese (that) you see,” said Kapusta.

“You don’t, first of all know if the food you’re giving is the correct food but also sometimes it encourages them to leave a mess behind and we like to make sure that all of our space behind us is a nice space for people to eat.”

Kapusta says the birds regularly leave feces behind, where staff are left to clean it up.

Canada geese are territorial in nature and can attack humans if they feel threatened.

Kapusta believes the pair of geese are a couple, with the female protecting the nest.

calgary, canada geese, library, calgary public lib

Geese can live between 10 and 24 years.