Calgary's fire chief is fed up with people ignoring the warnings about Harvie Passage, the weir on Bow River.

While the weir has been reconfigured the water is still turbulent and potentially dangerous especially now as the water is high and fast-moving.

Fire Chief Bruce Burrell says “we put our rescuers at risk every time we put them in Harvie Passage as well”.

Monday afternoon, a man died after he fell from a raft while he and a group of friends were navigating Harvie Passage on Calgary’s Bow River.

The raft which was carrying four people flipped on the river.

Three of the passengers managed to get to shore, but one man was swept downstream.

The man in his 30s was found just under the 17 Ave. bridge later in the afternoon.

He was rushed to hospital where he later died.

Calgary Fire says all the occupants of the raft were wearing life jackets and officials want to reiterate the danger of Harvie Passage, especially with the water being so high.

"It does take some skill to maneuver through this area. People need to be aware even though it's warm out. People need to take those precautions to make sure they understand the water conditions. The water is still quite murky and there's a lot of debris in the water. If you're not a skilled person, you probably shouldn't be in the area," says Jayson Doyscher of the Calgary Fire Department.

To compound the already fatal warning, a canoe flipped on the water while crews were still on scene.

No one was hurt in that incident and the occupants made it to shore.

Authorities say that the public should stay away from the Bow and Elbow Rivers because of the high and fast-flowing water levels.