CALGARY -- Sports fans and their families were down at McMahon Stadium Saturday to pick up some items at the Calgary Stampeders' annual locker room sale.

The event, held between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., gave the public the chance to get into the team's locker room to buy up some game-worn helmets, jerseys and equipment.

They also got to meet with some of the members of the team.

Organizers say it's a very popular event.

"I come down the hill at a quarter to eight for a nine o'clock opening and there's 200 people waiting in line to get into the building," said George Hopkins, team equipment manager. "There's a lot of kids in there and a lot of 50-year-old kids too."

Along with the locker room sale, the Stamps' store also held a major sale for select Stamps and Grey Cup 107 merchandise.