Family and friends are continuing to grieve the loss of two Calgary students in a sledding incident, and many of those who survived are still in hospital, recovering from injuries that will likely leave them with scars to remind them of the tragic event.

Six teenagers were transported to hospital after they were injured when their improvised sled, which they’d taken for a joyride on the bobsled track at WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park last Saturday, crashed into a gate.

Jordan and Evan Caldwell, twin brothers, were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, while the others suffered injuries ranging from minor to very serious.

Caleb Hettinga suffered serious facial injuries and had to undergo hours of facial reconstruction. He’s also lost sight in one of his eyes.

Mark Lyons had to undergo plastic surgery on his face as well.

Caleb Lyons also suffered some injuries, but the extent is unknown.

The boys’ chapel has said that there were concerns that David Carr might have suffered brain damage in the crash, but doctors have since cleared him of that type of injury.

Danny Spalding, who himself suffered facial injuries, helped call 911 to get authorities to the scene.

On Monday, the friends of the Caldwell twins struggled to come to terms with their loss.

“He always cracked jokes to lighten the school mood kinda thing, but he touched everyone he met,” said Brittany Harle, a friend of Evan Caldwell.

“When I found out, I actually just like choked and I saw their Facebooks and I just didn’t know what to say,” said Elijah Woods, another one of Evan’s friends. “I was kind of speechless.”

The funeral for Jordan and Evan will take place at the Centre Street Church on Thursday.

Police say they are continuing to investigate the incident, saying that they haven’t been able to speak to all of the teens involved yet as they are still in hospital.

Authorities say it will still be a few days before they learn all the details on the events leading up to the incident and the crash itself.