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Calgary to see sunny and seasonal first weekend of summer


The summer season is kicking off with warm temperatures, sunshine and a chance of thunderstorms for parts of Alberta on Friday afternoon.

A warm ridge of high pressure is starting to track into the province, but an embedded low in central Alberta could create some minor weather disturbances this afternoon in parts of the south and along the QEII Highway up to Edmonton.

So far, the storm risk for Calgary is at moderate, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada, but storm cell development appears to be non-severe with quick rapid amounts of rain and lightning being the primary hazards.

The storm cells do build in intensity the more they track to the east, so areas along the Saskatchewan border could experience more severe weather in the afternoon and early evening.

Today, Calgary will get up to a seasonal high of 21 C, with the storm potential most likely occurring between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Once we get into Saturday, heat and stability take over with temperatures in the mid-high twenties for both Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy the first official weekend of the summer! Top Stories

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