CALGARY -- A Calgary ultra-marathoner was ultra curious to find out if wearing a mask while running impeded his oxygen intake - curious enough to conduct an ultra-gruelling bit of pandemic research.

Dave Proctor ran seven 15 kilometre long loops around the Glenmore Resevoir wearing his mask and taking his blood 02 levels after every lap.

“The first couple of laps it was a bit annoying," Proctor said. "I think it does limit the amount of air that comes in, you have to suck a bit more. But after a while, you get into a rhythm and it’s fine.”

Starting the run Thursday morning Proctor’s blood oxygen level was 98 per cent. After seven laps totalling 102 kilometres his blood oxygen reading was 98 per cent for every lap.

“You need oxygen, I’ve been running and I am not in any need of any more oxygen than what’s around me, I’m fine,” said Proctor.

Proctor's goal is not to be political with this test, but to seek information.

Proctor said, “this (pandemic) is new (COVID-19) and I think that we need to gather more and more information because as more information comes out we’re going to make better decisions.

"I don't think my performance today has been diminished at all," he added. "So maybe that's exactly what's going to happen: the Calgary Marathon and other major city marathons are going to say yeah, you can come out and run but you have to wear a mask.

"You know what?" he said. "I would sign up for the Calgary Marathon if I had to wear a mask."