The Canadian Border Services Agency have convicted a woman for falsely representing herself to immigration authorities and attempted to fraudulently gain permanent residency.

CBSA agents say that Aminata Gnokane, a foreign national, made a fraudulent refugee claim using a fake identity.

Criminal investigators first caught wind of Gnokane when they received a tip from the public in April 2009.

“Thanks to a tip, our CBSA Investigators were able to discover this elaborate immigration fraud and prevent further abuse of our country’s generosity,” said Lauren D. Delgaty, Regional Director General for the CBSA’s Prairie Region. “This significant case demonstrates the CBSA’s commitment to upholding the integrity of Canada’s immigration programs.”

An investigation found that she had already filed a refugee claim in Montreal which was denied.

Gnokane then assumed a false identity in order to file a second refugee claim and apply for permanent resident status in Canada.

She was charged with seven offences in January 2011.

Gnokane pleaded guilty to the offences and was sentenced to one year of house arrest on January 21