A Calgary woman is travelling to India to take advantage of a experimental new treatment for multiple sclerosis.

The Liberation Treatment is still in the research stage in North America but some doctors overseas are already offering the treatment.

The treatment is the basis of Dr. Paolo Zamboni's work. He believes the veins in some multiple sclerosis patients are blocked. Like angioplasty, doctors can use balloons to open up the arteries, restore blood flow, and reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Michele Zanini says she doesn't have time to wait and see if the Liberation Treatment will be made available in Canada. Zanini has decided to travel to Bangalore, India to see a doctor who offers the treatment.

"I think it's the chance of improving the quality of life and it's worth it," says Zanini.

Zanini and her husband Steve will be making the trip next week along with seven other Canadians.

The cost of treatment, travel, and accommodation is about $30,000.