A camera found in Kananaskis Country has been reunited with its owner thanks to a Good Samaritan and the power of social media.

Catherine Morneau and her boyfriend found the Fujifilm camera in the grass on August 6 while riding horses in Fording River Pass and posted some of the photos on Facebook asking for help to track down the owner.

She chose a few pictures showing several people in places including Egypt and Europe.  

“I thought the more people in the pictures I post, the faster it would be recognized,” said Morneau.

She thought it might take days to find the owner, but it only took three hours.  

“I was so excited, I remember jumping in the kitchen with my boyfriend,” said Morneau.

Susanne DiCocco had lost the camera days earlier while hiking and thought her memories were gone forever.

“I was really upset not because of the piece of equipment itself, but there’s some photos on there of my mother-in-law (who) had recently passed away that I had not downloaded, “ said DiCocco.

She is grateful and amazed by the way she got her camera back. It was actually DiCocco’s friend, who was first recognized in a photo by someone from her junior high class, which led to the connection.

“It’s a blend of social media and six degrees of separation… I just think the kindness of strangers.”