CALGARY -- If you’re looking to fly to the U.S.  this week you can, as some airlines have added more direct non-stop service to several American cities, including WestJet.

WestJet will be offering flights direct from Calgary to various cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Cancun (Mexico), with a stopover in Toronto.

That may run contrary to what many people believe, but the U.S. border isn't closed to air travelers from Canada, provided you haven't recently visited any COVID-19 hotspots.

A spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection says travel restrictions into the U.S. only apply to land ports of entry, including passenger trains and ferries.

“It does not apply to air, freight or sea travel,” the statement read.

“Canadian air passengers continue to be admitted into the United States provided that they have not been physically present in Brazil, mainland China, Iran, Ireland, the United Kingdom or the Schengen Area (European Union) in the 14 days preceding their attempted entry into the United States.”

Additionally, flights from the U.S. are still incoming, with passengers arriving Tuesday morning from Chicago, Dallas and Minneapolis.

Many were on repatriation flights, and transiting through the U.S.

“My flight was cancelled and rearranged three times on me," said Nick Bateman, who had been living in Mexico. "I’ve had my ticket for six months now.

“My fiancée is Mexican," he added, "so I was living down there, and (finally) my visa expired, so I had to come home.”

Bateman added that he will travel back home to Red Deer, and begin his 14 day self-isolation.

“My dad's got a list of a whole lot of work to do for me around the house, so I’ll be doing yard work and stuff,” he said.

Airport pandemic

For Jen Mulhall and Mateus Wachter, the pair travelled to Guatemala just days before the pandemic erupted in North America back in March.

Transiting back through the US, didn’t cause too many issues for the pair.

“(In) Texas, the airport was dead,” said Wachter. “Everything was Saran Wrapped, which was kind of weird.”

“Where we were there weren't (any COVID-19) cases in the village or surrounding villages,” said Mulhall.

One traveller returning home from Costa Rica after living there for six months said she was impressed by the conditions upon arrival compared to the U.S.

“Its a lot stricter here,” she said. “They ask you to distance there, but it's not pushed too much.”

She adds that Canada should not increase flights to America.

“I think we should just hang tough right where we are at.”

According to the Canada Border services agency, last week volumes were down 91% for those crossing via land, and 95 per cent at airports compared to the same time a year ago. On July 5, 2020 alone, travellers on US flights were down 96 per cent and international air travellers were down 93 per cent compared to the previous year.

                                                          July 5 2020  July 7, 2019

Travellers on U.S. Flights




Travellers on International Flights





                                                          June 29 - July 5 2020

Air Travellers coming from the U.,S.


Since March 21st, there have been 388,677 Canadian Citizens and Canadian Permanent Residents who have entered Canada by airplane.

Canada has introduced border restrictions on foreign nationals, including U.S. Citizens, for all optional or discretionary travel to Canada. The border remains open to all non-discretionary travel.


Overall, the total volume of air passengers to the United States declined by more than 97% in April and May 2020 compared to the same period of time last year.

Foreign nationals who are eligible to travel to Canada

Foreign nationals, including United States (US) citizens, can travel to Canada only if they’re eligible.

Immediate family members of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

To be eligible, you must provide evidence that

You must also have a quarantine plan that shows how you’ll quarantine for 14 days when you arrive in Canada. This plan is mandatory.

If you’re staying for less than 15 days, you must meet the same requirements as all other foreign nationals.