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Canadian Energy Centre 'integrating into' Intergovernmental Relations, province says

Canadian Energy Centre logo. Canadian Energy Centre logo.

Change is coming at the Canadian Energy Centre, also known as the United Conservative Party's controversial energy war room.

On Tuesday, the energy minister's office released the following statement:

"The Canadian Energy Centre (CEC) is an important advocate for Canada and Alberta's long-term position as a safe, clean and responsible energy supplier and will continue to increase the public's understanding of the role oil and gas plays globally in a secure energy future.

"After careful consideration, we will be integrating the mandate of the CEC into Intergovernmental Relations (IGR).

"Resources such as CEC assets, intellectual property, and researchers will now be supporting IGR in order to seamlessly continue this important work."

The energy minister's office went on to say, "In a time when the federal government is attempting to make the promotion of Alberta's energy industry illegal, and passing policy that will cripple Canada's largest industry employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians by implementing an emissions cap, it is more important than ever that Alberta has a strong advocate.

"The Government of Alberta will continue our fight to promote the energy sector."

The statement from the energy minister's office followed a release by Alberta NDP leadership candidate Kathleen Ganley.

Ganley said the so-called energy war room was shutting down.

"The War Room was symbolic of the UCP's leadership — it existed only to signal the UCP's disdain for our fellow Canadians and waste money, and it was intentionally designed to avoid even a hint of transparency.

"I am thrilled to see this pointless waste of money finally ended — I hope the UCP will use the funding to do something to actually help the people of this province."

Ganley's release noted she has "consistently advocated to have the Canadian Energy Centre closed."

"The Canadian Energy Centre or War Room has been a consistent embarrassment to the province," she said in the release.

"It is most famous for attacking a children's movie and stealing a logo. It can boast absolutely zero accomplishments.

"Thank you to the Albertans who have stood with me, consistently calling for this debacle of an entity to be shuttered and the money put to good use. It is a good day when we can force this obstinate government to finally back down."

The Canadian Energy Centre was originally set up to fight what the UCP considered misinformation about the oil and gas industry.

At one time, it had a $31-million budget.

More recently, that number is $9 million. Top Stories


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