A Calgary woman says she will think twice before taking her car back to Canadian Tire for a repair.

Jennifer Orton brought her car into the McKenzie Towne location to get a tire repaired.

But when she returned to pick up her vehicle, it wasn't there.

"The associate working behind the counter tried to find my keys. He tried for a good half hour at which point we decided to check if they were left in the car. When we started looking for the car we realized it was missing as well."

Orton's car was stolen and was eventually discovered two days later. Three people were living inside it. They were arrested and charged.

The vehicle was still drivable but was scratched, dented, and the interior needed to be scrubbed down to clean it.

Orton didn't feel safe driving it, so she broke her lease and purchased a new vehicle.

Canadian Tire refused to be interviewed for this story but issued the following statement:

"We take the security of our customers vehicles seriously.... We regret that Ms. Orton's car was stolen from the parking lot. As a criminal act outside of our control, the theft was addressed by local police and Ms. Orton's insurance company."

Canadian Tire agreed not to charge Orton for the repair of the tire.

The company says that it shares a public parking lot and isn't responsible for what happens to vehicles parked outside.

The store is still investigating how the keys went missing.

Calgary's Canadian Tire locations are independently owned and operated.