While American owners have already enjoyed a sweetheart of a deal on their Volkwagens in the wake of the emissions scandal, Canadians are still waiting to be recognized.

Jane Hay, who lives in Calgary, says that if she lived south of the border, her 2012 Volkswagen Jetta would have already been bought back for the value it had before the world knew the company was cheating on emissions tests.

Instead of a $6,000 compensation cheque, Hay says she’s only gotten false promises.

“The Canadian government doesn’t seem to be doing anything,” she said.

The American government has already settled its suit against Volkswagen this past summer to the tune of $15B.

In that deal, $12B went to vehicle owners and $3B went to the government for pollution mitigation.

When news of the settlement came out, VW’s Canadian spokesperson reassured owners here that there would be a similar settlement, but now the company won’t say anything else.

VW Canada says it’s now under a gag order because of the Canadian class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of 100,000 VW owners here since the federal government didn’t try to force a settlement.

Hay is angry that there is nothing in place to push Volkwagen’s Canadian branch to do anything.

“You see ads all the time on TV, in the papers and does anyone even realize we haven’t been dealt with? No. So why, as a corporate leader would you want to spend any money whatsoever if you didn’t have to?”

Canada’s Environment department and the Competition Bureau says they did open an investigation around the time when the VW emissions scandal broke.

The Competition Bureau says its investigation is still underway but Environment Canada did not provide a response about the progress of its investigation.

The next hearing in the class-action suit is expected next week.

(With files from Lea Williams-Doherty)