Canadians and American expats know that who wins the election south of the border will have an effect here.

A group of expats in Calgary called Democrats Abroad were glued to their TVs the night of Clinton’s speech after becoming the first woman to accept a major party’s nomination for President.

“She is by far the most experienced candidate,” said Dean Kasner.

Canadians are also watching closely, though some say it’s too soon to know which candidate would be better for Canada.

“Overall Hillary Clinton is going to be more stable, she will retain and work within parameters of existing treaties like NATO,” said Lori Williams, Mount Royal University. She says Trump is less predictable and is against globalization and wants to rip up NAFTA, but on the positive side, he is supportive of energy development and the Keystone XL pipeline.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada says the ideal candidate will streamline trade across the border.

“We have to continue to push all of policy makers to understand we have to move goods and services back and forth for our countries to thrive,” said Bryant Andrus.

American expats can vote in November if they're U.S. citizens or active in the military.