LETHBRIDGE -- Cannabis users now have a new way to get high, after edibles were rolled out this week in what the industry is calling Cannabis 2.0.

Cannabis users can now enjoy edibles in food products such as gummies and chocolates.

"This is something that the cannabis culture has been waiting for. A lot of people are excited about edibles. The main reason is it’s the healthiest way to consume Cannabis," said Blaine Emelson, chief commercial officer of Bud Bridge Supply.

For one cannabis user, it’s been a long time coming.

"I’ve been looking forward to this for a few days. My friends have been telling me, by family has been telling me," said Alex Bearspaw. "My mother in-law has been looking to try some of the edibles now too."

But what exactly is an edible?

"They extract the T.H.C from the cannabis plant and infuse it into edible candies," said Emelson.

For something sounding so tempting, consumers should know what they are getting into before indulging in the sweet-looking treats.

"A long delay until the first one hit your brain, up to 2-4 hours, and then it stays in your system for up to 8-24 hours." said medical expert Dr.Raj Bhardwaj

The delay could be thought of similarly to someone trying shots at a bar for the first time without knowing the effects.

"I must have taken too low dose, take a second does, after an hour go I’m still not feeling this, take a third dose. And then all of a sudden, all three does are in the pipeline," said Bhardwaj, giving an example of how a first time edibles user could have an unpleasant experience.

The opportunity for people to consume cannabis in a different way than by smoking, presents a possible trend in the market, which is why users should be aware before consuming.

"People who aren’t big into cannabis, they are going to dip their toes into low dose edibles," Emelson said