The Calgary Fire Department was called out to a duplex in the southeast to investigate reports of extremely high carbon monoxide levels.

Crews responded to the 2800 block of 12 Ave. S.E. at at about 5 a.m. on Monday and found very high levels of CO in the building.

They had to work quickly to get people out of the building.

16 people were evacuated from the building and 11 of those were sent to hospital for carbon monoxide related symptoms.

City buses were set up to keep the displaced resident warm while crews worked to clear the gas.

Crews say they found levels of 500 ppm on one side of the home, well over reasonable levels.

The fire department says that there were no carbon monoxide detectors in the home.

Residents of one half of the duplex have been allowed to return home.

The cause of the leak is under investigation.