CALGARY -- It was like scoring a hat trick in his first NHL game for Calgary artist Jordon Bourgeault.

Montreal Canadiens netminder Carey Price won Best Goalie Mask in this year's NHL Fan Choice Awards, which features Bourgeault's work.

"It's really cool," he told CTV Calgary.

"I mean, I did put my all into that mask and I gave it everything. It's good to know that all that hard work came around."

The job came about last fall, said Bourgeault, after he received an Instagram message from Price, who'd seen some of his other work and was suitably impressed.

The mask he made for Price features a biomechanical skull with plenty of finer details.

"It was definitely a wild ride. Like it was basically my first mask in the NHL and for it to go over that well and for people to like it that much, it was really cool," said Bourgeault.

It may have been his first NHL mask, but Bourgeault is hoping to won't be his last.  

"I'm hoping maybe we do another one with Price, or maybe hoping for something local, maybe Jacob Markstrom of the Flames would be cool," he said.

"I haven't actually heard any of this yet though, but I think now that the season is wrapping up, hopefully the in between of the seasons, that will be the time."

The Canadiens face the Las Vegas Golden Knights on Wednesday in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference final.