The Calgary Catholic school board is expected to vote on Wednesday on whether or not to offer the HPV vaccine in schools.

The school board has been under increasing pressure to lift the ban on the vaccine for Grade 5 to Grade 9 girls.

The vaccine protects against human papilloma virus, known to cause cervical and other cancers.

In October, the board agreed to reconsider their position on the HPV ban and hear input from parents on the issue.

The Catholic School Board said the passage of time has led them to reopen the debate.

“It has been a little while since we’ve had this particular issue revisited in a formal sense and over the years we’ve received new information, we’ve received presentations, we’ve continued to have conversations with our parents. and we felt it was time to go back to them,” said Mary Martin, CCSB Chair.

The vote will be conducted during a school board meeting starting at 6 p.m.