Residents living in an Acadia apartment complex still have no water after a water main break last week.

The water was shut off to some of the units at the Cedars of Calgary apartments at 215 86 Avenue S.E. last Friday.

About 72 suites are affected and residents have been getting water and showering at the apartment complex’s recreation centre.

“We have the rec centre open, 24 hours, with the use of washrooms and showers and they can get water downstairs,” said Melody Vandenberg, Cedars of Calgary Resident Manager.

“We’ve been without water for eight days now. For 72 units minimum, there are two shower stalls and four sinks and that is what they’re offering us for eights days,” said resident Robert Carlisle. “It’s a chore, it’s challenging. We have to bucket water over. They finally started yesterday offering to have somebody bring water if you leave a container outside your door.”

“I got a big green bucket that I have to take and throw it in the shower and stand there for about 20 minutes until it fills up and then two of us try and carry it back and that flushes the toilet twice,” said Trevor Voll.

The residents say they are fed up as there have been numerous delays fixing the leak.

“They’ve told us three or four times, it will be tomorrow. The water will be on tomorrow, the water will be on tomorrow. If we had known it would be eight days we would have put in a claim through our insurance and we would’ve been in a hotel,” said Carlisle.

“Our water is included in our rent,” said Voll. “I’ve had it. This is ridiculous.”

Cedars management says there was a delay in locating the leak.

“The city came out and marked where they thought the water was coming in, the break was, and it was marked wrong so we had two days of digging all for nothing,” said Vandenberg.

Residents say they received a letter under their doors on Wednesday saying that the issue should be resolved by Friday.

“We’re doing the best we can. We’ve located the leak and we got notification from the contractor yesterday that the water will be on Friday at noon,” said Vandenberg.

Some of the residents say they are looking at asking for compensation for the water issues.