We often hear about the difficulties new Canadians have adjusting to their new country but the Centre for Newcomers is trying to change that with a unique program that helps immigrant children adjust to their new lives.

Colour Our World Children’s Settlement helps kids under 12 to learn more about their new country and to feel at home in Canada.

The program offers:

  • Group and one-to-one sessions for children with a parent
  • Fun and interactive learning for children
  • Information about life in Canada and basic needs of children between 2 to 12
  • Community resources and information that assist immigrant families with children’s settlement 

Angelica Colome worked in the Philippines as a nurse for six years before making the move to Canada and volunteers with the program.

“They are having socialization. They also have the opportunity to be open to the diverse cultural diversity that Canada has and besides that, they’re learning to develop the skills that they can use in school,” said Colome.

Colome says it is difficult for kids at first but they soon learn to adapt.

The kids are also taught traditional Canadian nursery rhymes and how to dress for the cold.

“Children also feel isolation, they leave their friends behind, and everything is new here, especially the environment, most of the families we have here are coming from countries where it's very hot over there,” said teacher, Meenakshi Singhal. 

Parents or caregivers who accompany the kids also learn about life in Canada and get the opportunity to meet other new Canadians.

“It makes it more easy for this movement from one culture to another. It's easier to have many people from many cultures. It’s also educational, you can learn from other people, from other cultures,” said parent Rasha Roshdy.

The centre runs dozens of additional programs that offer training in everything from language arts to employment assistance.

For more information on the program, visit the Centre for Newcomers website.