A Calgary Judge has determined that Dustin Paxton will stand trial on several charges including forcible confinement and sexual assault.

Earlier in the week, the judge ruled that Paxton will stand trial by judge and jury and on Wednesday morning he was told about the charges he faces.

Paxton showed little emotion as the charges against him were read.

He is accused of assault and forcible confinement against a former roommate and business partner in a case that shocked Canadians.

The alleged victim was beaten, mutilated, and malnourished when he was dumped off at a Regina hospital last April.

He weighed just 40 kilograms, or 87 pounds. He had been burned, had broken bones and parts of his lips and tongue had been cut off.

The assaults are said to have taken place over several months in both Calgary and Saskatchewan.

This wraps up the preliminary hearing for Paxton which the public was banned from attending to prevent evidence from being leaked via social media.

The court will set a date for the trial on April 1, 2011.