A 7-year-old Cochrane boy is recovering in hospital after he was attacked by a dog over the weekend.

Tyler LeClaire was attacked in the family home on Saturday.

"He was sitting on the floor, I think he was playing with a game, and the dog just attacked him, just latched onto his face and tore half of his face off,” said Tyler’s aunt, Tanya Batycki.

The little boy was rushed to hospital by ambulance and taken into surgery.

"We were able to retrieve the patch of skin and it was sewn back, attached back onto his face. Now we're just praying that it, it takes,” said Batycki.

The dog belongs to Tyler's older sister's boyfriend and according to Tyler's aunt it wasn’t the first time the dog has attacked.

“We want to make sure that the dog is euthanized because it’s not the first time that it’s attacked. It’s attacked a couple other times. It’s given the owner stitches in its face and it’s attacked a couple other people,” said Batycki.

Batycki says Tyler is doing okay and they expect him to be in hospital for quite a while.

“He’s just trying to stay positive and he’s actually more worried about what everyone else thinks,” said Batycki.

Batycki says the family is taking turns staying near Tyler to offer him comfort and support.

“Mom and Dad are a mess. Everybody’s very upset. My brother’s super emotional. He still has to go to work and he wishes that he could be here but he’s just trying to get through it,” said Batycki.

Tyler’s family says they believe owners should be educated about the dogs they own and care for and they want the dog destroyed.

The 18-year-old owner gave the dog up willingly and it is being held in Calgary while officials decide what to do with it.