A student from Black Diamond is giving an old farm a new look and has designed a logo that will take the old ranch into the next century.

The Stampede Ranch for Kids west of Longview is run by the Edey family and offers an alternative to institutional care for behaviorally challenged youths.

“Our main business since 1975, we've been a ranch for kids, so we're a residential home for 14 boys with child and family services,” said Fawna Bews.

The ranch has a long history starting with Guy Weadick who settled there a hundred years ago. 

The ranch’s first and only logo was created almost a century ago and was in need of an update so Ireland Edey set out to design something new in her art and digitec class.

“We decided to do the ink art like Ed Boring's first ICU horse for the very first Stampede poster, so we wanted to do it like that, like how Guy Weadick would want it but even better than the Stampede's,” said Ireland.

Ireland worked with her teacher Paul Rasporich to fine tune her sketches and it took a number of attempts before the logo was finished.

“I brought back the initial sketch to the kids, and a lot of the kids at school are rodeo or ranch kids and so they know horses, so I showed them the first sketch that I did and they thought it looked a little bit like a dog,” said Rasporich.

The new logo still reflects the ranch's focus on performance horses.

“Like all the barrel racing horses for CFR that we sell and and we breed horses and train them and sell them to people that go to NFR and CFR,” said Ireland.

The family hopes the new logo will last another 100 years.

For more information, visit the Stampede Ranch for Kids website.