They survived 69 days trapped deep underground in a Chilean mine.

Now two of the 33 miners rescued last year are in Calgary sharing their story.

Franklin Lobos and Omar Reygadas thought they would never see their families again.

During more than two months underground, Reygadas emerged as a leader.

He helped organize the rest of the miners and ease the fears of those who couldn't cope.

Lobos was the 27th miner to come up in the capsule from deep below the surface.

The men are in Calgary using their inspiring story to promote the National Folkloric Ballet of Chile (BAFONA) which is raising money to rebuild the town's school destroyed by an earthquake last year.

The ballet will make its Canadian debut later this month, and will arrive in Calgary on October 3.

All of the tours proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity's project to rebuild the Nobeles de Chile School, in Marchigue, Chile.

For more information on the BAFONA tour visit Together for Chile or BAFONA tour.